The Human Molecule
10 Key Points to form Human Molecules

1. A male and female pair unite their hearts through the Soul to form a Human Atom

2. Pure motives and Soul Contact will be at the heart of every Human Atom to ensure stability

3. Twelve complete Human Atoms will unite through the Soul to form one Human Molecule

4. Different number combinations of Human Atoms will develop once the first Human Molecule is stabilized

5. The Christ will oversee the first Human Molecule to direct the higher energies required to empower it

6. A Higher Lifeform will ensoul the first Human Molecule and endow it with additional gifts and abilities

7. Each member will bring different qualities to the Human Molecule to the benefit of all

8. Leadership of each molecule will be done through the process of election

9. The group will seek to commune with higher lives and bring spiritual ideas into manifestation on the physical plane

10. Linking to the Spiritual Hierarchy with oneness of purpose and consciousness will be the eventual goal of every Human Molecule
10 Helpful Qualities of a Molecular Aspirant

1. A desire to know and accept the truth, even if it runs contrary to their belief system

2. Sincere and kind in nature

3. Honest and respectful of others

4. Trustworthy and open-minded

5. Desires to serve humanity and the higher good

6. Concentrates on correcting their own faults rather than that of others

7. Willing to follow the promptings of the Soul, and to resolve conflicts through that higher guidance called Soul Contact

8. Places group unity through the Soul above personal desires

9. Seeks to live in harmony with Divine Will and Purpose

10. Seeks to shed more Light and Love into the World

The Next Great Leap In Human Evolution

Humanity has struggled through the toils of history to arrive at this most historic of times, where it's development is on the cusp of taking the next great leap in evolution. Enduring the centuries old battle between Freedom and Control, at last we are stabilizing our world enough to usher in a great new age of peace and prosperity.

The Human Molecule represents a natural phenomena found in nature, where group activity evolves to produce a greater form of livingness. A sum-total that is far superior than its parts, what will soon unfold is a dynamic sense of unity and shared purpose that will inspire humanity to at last reach beyond the stars and realize its own divine potential.

The age old saying, "We are all One!" will become increasingly understood as people consider the potential of what Human Molecules can achieve. Downgrading the supernatural to the natural, hearts and minds will unite like never before. Great Teachers of the Race, like The Christ and His associates, will once again walk amongst us as elder brothers and sisters, sharing their depth of love and wisdom to help transform this magnificent Earth into a place of beauty, harmony and great wonder.

If you are a seeker of truth and freedom, a lover of justice and harmony, and enjoy the wonders of creation like the arts and science, then please consider the 10 Key Points to form Human Molecules and what they could mean for Mankind. If intrigued, then read the 10 Helpful Qualities of a Molecular Aspirant for the type of people that will be required to help Humanity take that next great leap in evolution.
Let The Journey Of Wonder Begin

To learn more about the potential of Human Molecules, read The Molecular Relationship Book, which expands upon the Molecular Principle and its importance in the coming New Age of Aquarius.
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JJ Dewey

JJ Dewey is the Author of The Molecular Relationship and is a highly respected Teacher of Principles. He has written numerous books about spiritual and metaphysical issues. As a student of The Christ, his teachings about the importance of Soul Contact in the coming Age of Aquarius is pivotal, for it encourages the seeker to find the 'Still Small Voice' that resides within all of us. Learning to trust that higher contact over the unearned, external authorities of this World will be a key ingredient to the successful unfoldment of all Human Molecules.

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The Molecular Relationship
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If you have read The Molecular Relationship and are interested in the Human Molecule Project, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know what you can do to help manifest the Molecular Miracle in the New Age.
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