Laying the Foundations for the Golden Age of Aquarius

Sincere seekers can take important steps to help lay the foundations of the New Age. The Ancient Wisdom decrees that by starting small, "Greater things will be added later." With that in mind, listed below are some points worthy of reflection as you embark on the next step of your exciting journey into the Molecular World, where cooperation and the unity of purpose are without end.

1. Assess your limitations
It is important for every Servant of Humanity to assess their own limitations - what they can and cannot do. A big mistake sometimes made by those who get a glimpse of the deeper aspects to life is to sacrifice their careers, families and friendships to start a group or movement based upon that original insight. Most movements fail, and what started out in all sincerity can end up causing more hurt than good. However, to do nothing is far worse because one cannot learn from the mistakes made if one does not step into new territory and try to make a difference. Making mistakes is every bit as important as getting things right, so let your understanding of the Molecular Principle unfold naturally like a flower so that wisdom can guide your steps.

2. Service not Sacrifice
Even though some seekers may feel that their current circumstances simply need changing if they are to commit to the Human Molecule Project, the main emphasis of Human Molecules will be Service not Sacrifice. This is a very important factor to consider. Many may think that they should just mix with like-minded seekers, yet initially, a lot of the work can be done where you live. Servants of Humanity do not lock themselves away in halls of prayer and meditation, they remain active in their communities to help make a difference and become great Lights of Wisdom to others.

3. Strengthen your characters
If you enjoyed reading The Molecular Relationship and are drawn to the Human Molecule concept, then it is clear that you already have certain qualities that would benefit others if you were to join one. However, it is highly advisable to keep patiently working upon developing your characters for the good of the whole. Stubbornness can be just as unproductive as shyness, yet, both can be overcome when inspired by group activity. This can be said for all negative traits, and sometimes being part of a group can actually speed up the process of character development and self-improvement.

4. Opportunities will come
Opportunities often come by the measure of our abilities to actually make use of them. It is not advisable to become 'obsessed' by the Human Molecule idea, however, a healthy commitment will empower and keep you alert for those opportunities when they do come. Both small and large opportunities will offer you avenues to expand upon what you already know and do.

5. Form a study group in your area
There are many seekers in every area of the World who are unaware of the Molecular Principle - the root from which Human Molecules will pour forth. After reading The Molecular Relationship, reflect upon the Principles revealed and then consider the idea of teaching others. Begin with people you think could be receptive to the idea and then expand upon that as you deem wise. This will take a considerable and sustained effort, but the rewards and sense of achievement will be as great as they are helpful.

6. Contact your local newpapers and radio stations
Writing to your local newspapers and radio stations can be a productive way of getting the Molecular Principle out into the wider community. Even though the Human Molecule Project will be beyond the average person's ability to comprehend to begin with, there may be significant numbers that will be interested. Free ads are especially helpful if you intend to start a local group. Listing the website will direct other potential seekers to find out more about Human Molecules and the benefits they can bring to Humanity.

7. Internet promotion
Many seekers are members of online communities, forums and chat rooms. Discussing the Human Molecule Project with an open mind will certainly help others to understand the concept, but it will also heighten your own. Facing questions are a healthy way of testing your knowledge on the subject, the benefits of which can lead to even greater insights that can be shared with your group. If we keep in mind that Humanity are ONE, then there is no need to bludgeon people with the Human Molecule idea, but instead, offer it freely and without expectation. If there is good ground to be sown, then your insightful words will sew the good seed for a future harvest.

8. Have fun
Sometimes we can get so immersed in what we are doing that we forget to 'smell the roses'. There will be no rushing in with Human Molecules, for their stability and purpose are fundamental to their development and subsequent unfoldment. Higher energies can have an adverse effect on our lower natures, so zealots will need to calm down and learn to be patient. Human Molecules are still in seed form, yet, with the waters of quality attention and affection, laughter and fun, they will sprout and rise above the earth to bloom in glory.

9. Add to your knowledge base
JJ has written many articles about The Molecular Relationship and Human Molecules, which are free to read on his website at He has also written numerous books that are bursting with Principles and ideas that will fire up eager imaginations. There are thousands of articles written by JJ freely available to read in the archives at From Metaphysics to Politics, the Economy to Global Warming, there is a wealth of teachings and insights available.

10. Talk to JJ on a daily basis through his discussion group - Keysters
Seekers interested in JJ's work and teachings talk daily in his discussion group - Keysters. They are an online community working towards promoting and manifesting The Molecular Relationship, and through that, Human Molecules. All sincere seekers are welcome to take part in the daily discussions. You can take a look here: Keysters.
What Next?

As far as practicality goes, there is nothing more practical than the understanding of a Principle, especially when seen through the Light of the Soul on an intuitive level. This will often be accompanied by a flash of internal light that multiplies the understanding. Such an instantaneous flash can be worth a year's worth of study. Actually, it is even more valuable than that because the flash will reveal reliable
truth, whereas a year's worth of study may fill the mind with many illusions. Stimulation of the intuition through the understanding of Principles will also enhance Soul Contact, which will be vital for Human Molecules to succeed and ensure the Age of Aquarius will be a golden one.

The main objective, for now, is not to focus on and improve the lives of seekers, even though improvements and enhancements will come, but to FIND the many seekers out there, and then through the whisperings of the Soul, gather them into working groups. Only then can Human Molecules prove that there is indeed a better way of living, a way that will be an ensign to the Nations of this World. Building new communities and cities will inspire humanity to reach for the stars and steer us away from poverty and selfish ambition, and at last begin to manifest Heaven on Earth as foreseen by the prophets of old.

JJ's work, and yours should you take up the challenge, has nothing to do with adding to the empires of glamour and illusion. The focus is on the gathering of those like-minded souls who share a common goal of helping to transform this World into a place of peace and prosperity, freedom and creativity, exploration and discovery, fun and laughter. There will be no new 'religions' or 'gurus' to follow, for there is only ONE Master Teacher that each seeker is encouraged to seek out, the one that resides within us all - our Souls.

To express your interest in The Human Molecule and the potential of what it can do for Humanity, please contact us and we'll keep you updated on any new developments as the project progresses.

Alternatively, why not introduce yourself to JJ's discussion group - Keysters. Seekers from all backgrounds are most welcome to join in and ask questions as well as share ideas and insights.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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How Will Human Molecules Serve Humanity?

Most seekers will naturally ask this question, and rightfully so. Some of the answers given below are self-evident and lay at the heart of many of Humanity's aspirations. However, there are a few details that seekers are encouraged to contemplate on before deciding their worth.

1. Establish direct points of contact for the Christ and His Hierarchy to work through, which will see a substantial increase in positive energies being released and used to move Humanity forward, both in consciousness and purpose.

2. The increased flow of spiritual energies will help to dissipate the astral/emotional energies that are holding Humanity back, which is fueling the current round of glamour and sensationalism.

3. Human Molecules will be a powerful tool to draw Science, Religion and Education into closer harmony, as they will provide clear evidence that God or Higher Intelligence does indeed exist.

4. Members will see with clarity the importance of 'TEACH BY INSPIRATION' rather than by lecture. The Principle of Inspiration will become a powerful educational tool.

5. The power to initiate will be enhanced both for individuals and groups. This will provide seekers with ample opportunities to serve Humanity, promising the future will be a place of action and far from stagnant.

6. Through the influences of each Molecule's unfolding intuition, projects undertaken will be more in line with Divine Will, therefore, each Molecule's activities will be working to enhance the greater good rather than promote selfish ambition

7. The Mind of Humanity suffers from a great many illusions. As the astral/emotional energies begin to dissipate, greater Light will shine to clear the fogs of faulty belief systems and delusions, releasing Humanity from the errors of pride and ignorance.

8. To live a Christ-like life is a dear dream to many seekers. So the fact they will be able to 'tune into' and learn the 'things of the Spirit' more readily will fuel the fires of love and understanding beyond measure. This will increase their ability to use the energies of sex correctly, which leads to right desires and then right action.

9.The Entity that ensouls each Human Molecule will have the power to influence the hearts and minds of each member and direct them towards higher purpose. This will not be done through force or coercion but insight and inspiration. Great will It's heart be, therefore, so too will It's loving guidance.

10. The University of Principles will at last manifest before the eyes of Humanity, and how bright and glorious will that day be.